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Remy Hair: Best Hair Extensions

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Remy hair - best hair extensions

Best Hair Extensions: Remy Hair Extensions

The best hair extensions that you can have are hair extensions made from human hair, also called Remy hair extensions. Remy hair is human hair and is the preferred choice for women who uses hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions.

What makes Remy hair the preferred choice is in the way the hair cuticles are kept intact and runs in the same direction. With Remy hair, you get a hair extension that does not get frizzy or tangled. It just looks so natural!

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Best Hair Extensions: Why Remy Hair Extensions Are The Best

Remy Hair Extension from BestHairBuy.comGetting natural hair extensions weaved or glued takes up too much time and cost some serious money.

Clip In hair extensions made from real human hair is easy to put on and last longer. Plus you can wash them, cut them, straighten or curl them and even dye them. You get to change your look and hair style any time you feel like it.

You can also get a full head of hair for that sexy glamorous look or style it short to look cute and sassy!

Remy hair is not virgin hair, which hair that has not been colored or processed in any way. But it is the next best thing you can have.

To be sure, they will cost more than a synthetic hair extension piece or non-Remy human hair. Even a hair piece made from human hair can become frizzy and tangled if the hair cuticles has been removed.

Where to buy clip in hair extensionsHuman Hair Versus Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair comes in all colors, styles and length. Some of them even look a bit like human hair and they typically cost less. The problem is that they don’t last, are sensitive to sunlight, difficult to style, and they don’t blend in as well with your real hair.

In terms of cost, synthetic hair might not be that much cheaper compared to real hair. That is why the best hair extensions that offers value for money is Remy hair.

Best Hair Extensions: Where To Buy Clip In Hair Extensions?

You can buy Clip In hair extensions online from These are the best hair extensions for adding volume and length to your hair, easily and quickly. Made from 100% human hair, they are soft and tangle free.

When ordering, you can specify the length you want and the color you want from the color chart. They offer free worldwide shipping for orders above US$99.

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Remy Hair: Best Hair Extensions