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Instant Activation Web Hosting With Belira

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Belira Web Hosting: cPanel Hosting

Your website needs hosting and Belira web hosting gives you instant activation web hosting with cPanel. Belira hosting and services has what your business needs to create your website.

If you are new to all this, then cPanel hosting is the best way to get started. This is Linux web hosting and the primary reason why it is the preferred solution is user-friendliness. This is hands-down the best way to get started.

Support is readily available and if you are comfortable with computing in general, you can manage your own cPanel. Support from wen host is an important factor, equally important is being able to figure out how to manage your own website. You might have staff for that or you might out-source this part, but in the event where you need to go hands-on, you can.

CPanel is the control panel where you can managed your web hosting, emails and website. Everything is laid out in an easy to understand format. Documentation from the web host is readily available or if you need to, you can find the information easily on the internet.

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Belira Web Hosting: Business Hosting & Domain Names

Other than web hosting, your website needs a domain name, such as Of course, it can be something other than a dot com. For instance, you might use a domain like – which is what BBC does. This is a matter of preference, and the last bit in the domain name refers to your country.

You can even register both if you want to, you create a website on the domain name you prefer and redirect the other domain name to your website. This can easily be down in your cPanel hosting. If in doubt, read the documentation in the knowledge base or submit a ticket. Your web host is always willing to help.

Before Your Order A Domain Name And Web Hosting

Before you can proceed to build your website, you need to get business hosting & domain names. First, you have to check to see if your domain name is available. This is another reason why people use a country extension in the domain name, or you might try a variation of your business name.

Next, you find the business hosting that is the best fit for your strategy. Ideally, you want a business hosting that allows you to scale up your internet marketing channel.

Typically, most business hosting packages starts at 1GB of server space and 10GB of bandwidth. Server space refers to the amount of space your website takes up on the server, and bandwidth refers to the information that is transferred every time someone views your website – your traffic in other words.

If your company website is for information purposes or to act as an online catalog, then 1GB of server space will allow you to create 100 pages easily. If you intend to create a more interactive website or allow customers to buy your products online, then you might want more server space and bandwidth.

Belira Business Hosting & Domain Names

Belira offers 3 basic web hosting packages for you, and these packages will be suitable for most businesses. However, if you require a bigger package, just contact them for a custom plan.

  • Belira ProHost – 1GB server space, 10GB bandwidth

  • Belira SuperHost – 1.5GB server space, 10GB bandwidth

  • Belira EliteHost – 3Gb server space, 30GB bandwidth

Belira Web Hosting: Instant Activation Web Hosting

Belira has been providing web hosting and domain services since 2009 and the company has built a solid infastructure to serve their expanding customer base. Belira is a UK company that prides itself on exceptional services and performance.

For more information on Business Hosting & Domain Names, visit today.

Instant Activation Web Hosting With Belira