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Air Dancers From The Super Sign Factory

Monday, May 6, 2013

Air Dancers: Bring In The Crowd And Make Sales

Air Dancers from the Super Sign Factory
Air Dancers or Sky Dancers help bring in the crowds to your business premise and lets people know when you have a promotion going on. They are the perfect way to get attention and help create a bit of excitement to your business. We have all seen them and it is a quick way to tell people that they should come in and take a look at what you have.

Air Dancers are used to advertise your business, easy to setup and less expensive than you might think. Most dealers will have a selection of Sky Dancers you can choose from, in various poses and colors. You can also have the option of printing your business or slogan on the Sky Dancer itself.

Combined with your buntings, banners, posters and music, it creates a festive atmosphere that grabs the attention and brings customers to your store.

Watch the Sky Dancer in action below.

Air Dancers: Sky Dancers Custom Shapes And Custom Lettered

The Super Sign Factory is America’s number 1 supplier of Sky Dancer products and unique outdoor advertising products. They offer a wide selection of Air Dancers, lettered Air Dancers, Fly Guys, Gorilla Robots, Feather Flags and Custom Inflatables.

Visit their website to get the best deals and see how they can help your advertising at

Air Dancer - Upside Down Guy

The Upside Down Guy

This is the Upside Down Guy inflatable from Super Sign Factory. The inflatable is made from high strength polyamide nylon silk, with added micro mesh and it is extremely durable.

This is ready to use right out of the box and is sold as a complete set. All you need to do is attach the inflatable to the blower, and plug it into an electrical outlet. It comes with the inflatable, blower and carrying case.

The height of inflatable is 20 ft tall and measures 18 inches in diameter. The diameter of the blower is 18 inches.

Air Dancers: Custom Inflatables From The Super Sign Factory

Super Sign Factory sells the strongest and longest lasting air dancers on the market. It comes with a 1 year warranty. They are located in Akron, Ohio, has been in the promotional product business for over 20 years.

Ready to let people see and remember your advertising message? Visit today!

Air Dancers From The Super Sign Factory