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Grooming For Men: More Than Shaving Products

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Men’s Shaving Products: The Finest In Men’s Grooming

Luxury Barber: Men's shaving products

For most guys who do their toiletries shopping at the local supermarket, they will likely pick up a Gillette product. They are readily available and is likely the first razor we shaved with. But for the discerning man, there is more to men’s shaving products than the shaving foam you find in the supermarket.

We are talking about men’s grooming products and you deserve the finest for you. So let’s start with a visit to Luxury Barber at, where the products are chosen by salon experts, fashion models and spa owners.

Men’s Shaving Products: Choosing A Shave Cream

Shaving is part of a man’s morning ritual and a good clean shave helps you get ready for whatever the day may bring. For those of us in the corporate world, good grooming is often essential and leaves good first impressions.

Choose the best shaving cream for you to give your face the proper care and treatment it deserves. Good shaving cream helps you get that perfect shave without skin irritation, or razor burns, and prevents ingrown hair.

Men's grooming products: razor bump cream
What Are Razor Bumps and How To Prevent Them

What are razor bumps and what can you do to prevent them? Razor bumps are the result of ingrown hair, where the hair curls and re-enters your skin, causing a bump. Often, men with thicker or curly hair can experience this condition. In severe cases, they can look unsightly and itches.

Razor burns is a condition that looks like red rash and causes discomfort by itching. This is caused by the friction between your blade and your beard or using a dull blade. Scraping your face with a razor over extended period of time can aggravate your razor burn and produce razor bumps.

Men's shaving products: Shave BrushWays To Prevent Razor Burns and Razor Bumps

Before you start shaving, soften your beard with a morning shower or wash with warm water. Use a good shave cream and apply with a shave brush. Using a shave brush is not old school, it actually helps spread the shave cream evenly and helps lift up tough or ingrown hairs. Make sure to use a good razor.

  • Soften your facial hair with water

  • Use good shave cream

  • Apply shave cream with a shave brush

  • Use a good razor

  • Shave along the grain

  • Use light, short strokes to shave

  • Rinse your face with cold water after your shave

  • Apply a razor bump cream or after shave cream

Men’s Shaving Products: Buy The Best From Luxury Barber

Luxury Barber provides the finest in men’s grooming and shaving products with brands like Barc, Billy Jealousy, Bold For Men, Proraso, Razor MD, Revivogen and more.

Visit their website at for Men’s Grooming Products.

Grooming For Men: More Than Shaving Products