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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I just decided to do a search on my website "Internet Marketer's Club" to see if it shows up in search engines. Imagine my surprise when I saw the results! The search engine ranking as follows:

  1. Google - #2 on page 1
  2. Yahoo - #1 on page 1
My site has only been up there for 2 months. In Yahoo, it was competing with 3 million other sites with the same keywords! I just had to send an email out to my friends telling them about this.

On another note, on Saturday, our #1 local newspaper wrote an article about bloggers in Sabah. Apparently, there was an gathering of about 200 bloggers from all over the state. I didn't hear about it until I saw the papers. Much as I enjoy hearing about local bloggers, I don't see the point of having an off-line club or assoication of bloggers. But I did manage to contact 2 of the organisers, if this goes ahead, I might sign up. I think more people involved on the internet the better.


Friday, August 15, 2008


This is nice, to be recognised. I wonder if people will actually read my articles. Can the articles still be found over time? There are probably hundreds of thousands of articles by tens of thousands of authors. Not to mention so many niches.

Still this has been a venue that hundreds of people use to achieve success. I'll take all the help I can get. I found something interesting at the ezine forum. Check out, you can buy books online, or you can sell your books. That is, you submit your finished book to them, they will feature and market your book for you. This site has got a good page rank, and you don't have to market and sell your book.

The downside is that you only get about 20% of the sale price. Which isn't a lot since the highest sale price was $10, and books usually go for $5. Not a lot considering the effort you put in, but having someone to do the marketing side of things might be a factor.

Still, this seems like a viable alternative, if you only want to write.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have just had another article published in, so I'm rather pleased about it. Article writing is kind of fun for me, this one is "3 Tips To Write An Original Article". I'm a slow writer but since I've only started in July, I'm cutting myself some slack. What with trying to put my website together, and learning about the various aspects of internet marketing.

Now I need to work on traffic building through search engines and directories. But at the rate this is going, I might just do a blitz with PPC. That will have to wait until I install my auto-responder.

I still haven't gotten my auto-responder yet, installing it will probably be trial and error time again. It's pretty amazing how I'm just doing everything this way. The guys I signed up my web hosting already had to come and save the day once already. Since this is only the 2nd month I've ever tried to build a site or even touched a cpanel, that's not too bad.

Right, this month's objective is to build traffic.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Most Revealing Money Making Report by Kidino, "Making Money With Name-Squeeze, Adwords and Affiliate Programs".

This highly informative report is actually a case study on how Kidino promoted "Desperate Buyers Only" by Alexis Davis. You seldom see case studies in internet marketing, even if you were to buy a internet marketing guru's books. So I am pleased that Kidino revealed so much. I have spent most of my career in management, and case studies is just about the best way to study any topics.

This is a free report at

Here are his tips on the things you should consider before promoting any product:
1) Who is the product for? Who is the target market?
2) How to find a different angle? How to find yours?
3) Building your Landing Page.
4) Presenting the offer.
5) The auto-responder message.
6) Getting traffic and creating ads.
7) How you can improve your stats.

Not only does he show you the auto-responder e-mails that he used, he included his adwords campaign. He takes you through the entire process from the start of the program, and let's you understand the rationale in the process.

Blog Review

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've been busy with my website. It's my first, so you can imagine how long it takes to get it set up. Where I'm at, it's hard to find expert help. I have many friends who are in the IT industry, dealing in hardware and software. The funny thing is, none of them are involved in internet marketing. I find that so amazing! Sure, their company has a website, but they out-source it. With the number of IT graduates, the number of people involved in internet marketing is just a drop in the ocean.

I've been looking at this blog, and I'm sorry to say that it looks horrible. Even my postings don't make sense. So I'll have to be more focused henceforth. Frankly, I would just like to start over.

For starters, I've seen some really killer themes in blogger. I wonder how they do it. I see the same thing in wordpress. I think you have to know how to do CSS, which frankly is beyond me... at the moment.

Working at home is great! But you do need to keep at eye on the time. I can spend hours on the internet, the next thing you know the sun's gone done. I just have to get out more, make more appointments, have lunch with friends. The downside is I have to spend my time explaining what it is that I do. Everyone thinks that having a website is it. Wished it was that simple.

Super Affiliate Pro

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Super Affiliate Pro wordpress theme by Gobala Krishnan is one cool wordpress theme. He created the Super Affiliate Blogger system to make it easy to do your affiliate marketing using purpose designed wordpress themes.

Building Your Pages
  1. You can build normal blog page or use a static page for your home page.
  2. You can build landing pages that does not show up on the navigation bar.
  3. You can also choose to build your exit pages.

Affiliate Link Management and Cloaking System

The Super Affiliate Pro enables you to track every affiliate link and monitors the results you get to see what works. You can get as many affiliate links as you want, and cloak your links by using the CUTE LINKS plug-in. Not only does your links look good, you can prevent affiliate theft by link cloaking.

Opt-In Form Manager

Easily add Opt-In forms into your blog and landing pages. Easy to use and enables you to start building your list right now.

Super Affiliate Pro

Comes within 217 pages manual that is your complete internet marketing solution. It covers:

  • Building your wordpress blog
  • On-Site/Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Landing pages for PPC traffic
  • Tracking & Cloaking your affiliate links
  • Building a massive opt-in list
  • Building niche blog content
  • Building massive traffic
  • Social bookmarking
Super Affiliate Blueprint

Included in the Super Affiliate Pro wordpress system is the Super Affiliate Blueprint. A 7-Day step by step action plan to create your first wordpress blog and earn your first affiliate check. This is a complete plug-in and use system can transform you into a Super Affiliate Blogger.