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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Has The Best Smartphone Camera

Monday, April 29, 2013

Here’s how it compares to the competition. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the best camera experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Has The Best Smartphone Camera

HUAWEI: Meet The Chinese Tech Superpower That Is Banned In The US

Huawei is one of those companies that most people don’t know about, or care about.

HUAWEI: Meet The Chinese Tech Superpower That Is Banned In The US

Apple's Next Big Product Will Not Be A Gadget

Apple’s next big thing won’t be a gadget like another iPad or iPhone. It will be new software. It’s coming in June.

Apple's Next Big Product Will Not Be A Gadget

Travel Sabah

Sabah Travel Guide, Where to go, What to do

Travel Sabah

Sabah Business Online

How Sabah Business Owners Are Listing Their Business On The Internet. Plus examples of other businesses using the internet to extend their marketing.

Sabah Business Online

Shine on the web |

Easily curate engaging magazines. Effectively feed your web presence.

Shine on the web |

Content Curation Guidelines for Where to Share | Curata Blog

By definition, content curation is the act of continually identifying, organizing, and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific topic or issue online. When evaluating which content curation tool to use….

Content Curation Guidelines for Where to Share | Curata Blog

Ročne ure Mini watch

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Modne ročno izdelane ročne ure MINI watch. 3D miniaturne figurice v urah so ročno izdelane iz polimerne gline, prav tako so tudi ročno barvane. Vsaka ročna ura je unikat, saj vsak model izdelajo samo v eni omejeni seriji.

Ročne ure Mini watch

Free Video Report

Friday, April 26, 2013

Free Video Rep Reveals A Zero Cost Opportunity That Pours Out Multiple $80-$100 Payments Daily!

Free Video Report

Design Paris Opera Restaurant

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dining At The Opera de Paris

This unique Design Paris Opera Restaurant is called L’Opera Restaurant, a fusion of stunning architectural design and fine dining. It is everything you imagine Paris, the city of lights to be and what it represents.

Paris is one the world’s most recognized destination, known for its architect, cultural and art, entertainment, gastronomy and fine dining.

Breakfast at the L’Opera Restaurant

Breakfast at the L’Opera Restaurant in Paris is a fine way to start your day, whether you are in Paris for business or pleasure. Breakfast starts from 7.00 am where you can have fresh fruit juice, pastries and homemade jams and a hot beverage. Even breakfast can be a memorable affair in one of the most beautiful monument in France, the Palais Garnier opera house.

L’Opera Restaurant At Palais Garnier

According to some, The Palais Garnier is probably the most famous opera house in the world. With its magnificent architect and rich history, it has seen the performances of some of the greatest shows in theater.

The L’Opera Restaurant was designed to compliment your visit to The Palais Garnier and to provide a dining experience in this grand opera house.

Lunch and Dinner at the L’Opera Restaurant

Many visitors to Paris, France make it a point to dine at the Opera Restaurant in Paris. For lunch or dinner, whether it is to celebrate their vacation or going to the opera.

Here are some of the reviews from the TripAdvisor website from those who have dined at the restaurant:

“The interior is amazing, a mixture between a baroque cathedral and a Stanley Kubrick movie. Every detail of the surrounding very thought through and creates a special atmosphere. Even the restrooms are designed very interestingly.”

“All dishes were served in a moderate period of time, along with some really delicious bread on the side….all the dishes were really delicious and memorable. We had a great time enjoying the food!”

“Contemporary French Cuisine, the contrast between the inside of the restaurant and the Opera itself is amazing, it makes it special…”

Make A Reservation At L’Opera Restaurant Paris

A visit to Paris should include a visit to the L’Opera Restaurant, you can make your reservations on their website,

L’Opéra Restaurant

Palais Garnier

Place Jacques Rouché

75009 Paris – France


Tel: 01 4268 8680

Fax: 01 4268 8689

Experience memorable French dining at L’Opera Restaurant Paris.

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Test Post from Social Friends

Test Post from Social Friends

Cooltan: Get The Perfect Tan With No Tan Lines

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cooltan: All Over Tan Swimwear And Apparel

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear and Apparel

Whether you are out working in the sun or spending a day on a beautiful sunny beach enjoying the day, the inevitable always happens – Tan lines. Imagine if your arms are tan while your upper arm and shoulder is pale, and you have to wear a sleeveless dress to your sister’s wedding in the next couple of days!

I would have thought that it was possible to get an all over tan without sunbathing in the nude. This is what Cooltan has come up with, swimwear and beach apparel that gives you an all over tan with no tan lines!

They call it Cooltan Tan-Through shirts and swimwear. Sport shirts, swimwear and bikinis, surfing shorts that lets you tan evenly.

Cooltan: No Tan Lines While You Are Out In The Sun

Cooltan - everyday wear for travel and vacationThe only way to really get a perfect tan is bronzing which oddly looks too perfect to me. I suppose it looks fine if you are always at a red carpet event and you are in the entertainment world. For the rest of us, we expect to see some imperfections here and there.

Some of us might not care too much about how we look but even you got to admit that it would be nice if you don’t have too different skin tones.

With Cooltan swimwear and apparel, you can even out your tan without having to spray on or rub on anything. It is a simple solution and it works because it is the swimwear or apparel itself that does the job for you.

Cooltan apparel - no tan linesBeach shorts and Surfing shorts

Play all day in the sun or in the water, on vacation or just your everyday wear, you get a natural suntan right through the fabric.

Swimwear and Bikinis

Whether you are wearing a 2 piece bikini or a 1 piece swimsuit, you get the same results – an even tan on your body. It is swimwear that works like an SPF 6 sunscreen, and you will likely tan as fast as if you were using a SPF 6 sunscreen lotion.

Polo Shirts and T-shirts

Available for both men and women, for that casual relaxed look as well as Polo shirts you can wear to work. You can find the perfect tan-through shirt for you to wear to anywhere. It is comfortable and cool while it prevents tan lines on your body.

Cooltan: How You Can Get Rid Of Tan Lines

It is the unique patented lightweight fabric they use to make your apparel with, called Mircosol. It lets sunlight through your shirt or swimwear, while also working to prevent too much sun on your body. It allows air and sweat to flow through the fabric keeping you, cool and comfortable even on sunny days.

What their customers say

“I work outside and I like to get a tan but I dont like to take my shirt off because I deal with customers. I tell the guys actually you stay cooler with the shirt on than with the shirt off — it’s like a fan — instead of that hot sun beating on your skin all the time. The girls at the bank they dont belive it and I pull up my sleeve and show them no tan lines.”

- Bill S. Sylvania OH

With Cooltan swimwear and apparel, you can stay out in the sun, on vacation or the beach, get a natural looking tan with no tan lines.

Cooltan: Get The Perfect Tan With No Tan Lines

Heiress Schaefer: Designer Lingerie Online Store

Monday, April 22, 2013

Heiress Schaefer Designer Lingerie Online Store

Heiress Schaefer: Lingerie And Intimate Apparel

It is sophisticated, intimate, sensuous, elegant and you get to explore your ultimate fantasy. Heiress Schaefer lingerie makes women look like a million bucks and experience a special kind of confidence that comes from wearing great lingerie.

I have always wondered if the clientele for a website that sells lingerie and intimate apparel is predominately men or women. I can understand men buying from the Heiress Schaefer lingerie shop online, the lingerie are sexy. But I also know that it is next to impossible to buy bras for a woman and with such a wide selection of intimate apparel, I am pretty sure women will make up a good portion of their customers.

Women do enjoy intimate gifts, so classy elegant and sexy lingerie definitively makes for a good gift for that special person in your life.

Heiress Schaefer: Sexy, Elegant Sophistication

“Heiress Schaefer lingerie provides clients around the world with the most elegant and sophisticated lingerie in the world. They strive to bring their clientele the most seductive and exclusive intimate apparel from Europe & Australia’s top designers. Whether customers are looking for the perfect piece for a special occasion or the best in gorgeous everyday underwears, they promise to make each client feel stunning and exceptionally unique.

- Press release December 10, 2012″

Fee des Reves Demi Cup Bra From Heiress Schaefer

Men shopping for lingerie for women as romantic gifts will be happy they found this website. I have done this a few time, but I also find that it is sometimes awkward to be the only guy in a sexy lingerie store. Just between the two of us, guys can get distracted picturing the sales girl in the lingerie and end up buying the wrong size. High end intimate apparel offered online does the trick for us.

How To Buy Lingerie For Women

For guys buying lingerie for a woman, if this is your first time, you just got to keep these three pointers in mind.

  1. Buy the right size for her

  2. Buy the right style for her

  3. Buy the right color for her

Heiress Schaefer: Makes A Perfect Romantic Gift

Heiress Schaefer: Makes A Perfect Romantic Gift

If you need to find a special gift for someone you love, why not a lingerie as an intimate gift? Because at the end of the evening, this gift is really meant for you.

For a stunning sensual intimate gift, check out Heiress Schaefer lingerie online at their website.

Heiress Schaefer: Designer Lingerie Online Store

Amirite: Opinion Based Social Network

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Am I Right: Post An Opinion Or Funny Jokes

Am I right? Opinion Based Social Network

We might not need another social network like Facebook but we could sure use do with a social network like If you want an online debate, an opinion, or funny humour jokes, then this is the place for you to share your opinions.

Am I Right? Maybe, but there is always room for another voice and this is a social network where you opinions matter. is an opinion based social network, a place to discuss, share or post a funny one liner.

Let me give you an example:

Muffins are for people who don’t have the guts to order cake for breakfast. Amirite?


Muffins are for people who don’t have the guts to order cake for breakfast. Am I right?

Am I Right: Ask An Opinion And You Get A Funny Joke

We could all do with a laugh sometimes, and reading some of the quotes on can make you laugh – whether it is intentional or otherwise. I guess people are naturally witty or funny, and if I was collecting jokes, I will have a good number of funny jokes already.

Here are a couple of opinions that will give you good material if you are doing stand up comedy. Of course, I have never done stand up comedy, so use them at your own risk!

If You Could Go Back In Time

“Which ancient civilization would you like to visit the most if you could go back in time?

Eygpt, India, Greece/Rome, Japan/China, Persia, Scandinavia in Viking times, Spain/Portugal?”

“I don’t know, one that didn’t suck too bad for women”

“None of those, the chances of sudden painful death is too high”

The Other Sexiest Instrument You Can Play

“In your opinion, what is the sexiest instrument you can play?

Piano, Guitar, French Horn, Saxophone, Other?”

“Sorry folks…it is actually finger cymbals!”

Read The Terms Of Service

“No one actually reads the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, amirite?”

“I do, just to find the words “we own your soul” or something like that!”

“One time I clicked next and a message came up saying “There’s no way you could have read it that fast! Go back and read it again!”

While we are going with stand up comedy, this one shouldn’t do too badly either….depending on your audience, of course.

Worried About The Past

“You worry more about the future than the past, amirite?”

“Could you or someone who disagreed give an example of how you could be worried about the past?”

Am I Right: Reading This Post Was Worth Your Time

Share your perspective with the world and interact with people on this social network. Share funny humour jokes, quotes, post an opinion, post a funny meme or ask an opinion.

Visit – the social network to ask an opinion or share a funny meme! Am I Right?

Amirite: Opinion Based Social Network

Fogstops: Anti Fog Solution For You

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fogstops: Anti Fog Adhesive Protection That Works

Fogstops Anti Fog Adhesive Protection
Fogstops Anti Fog Adhesive is a great piece of kit for your optical wear. Although it designed and made exclusively for surgeons, dentists, doctors, and individuals that suffer from fogging while wearing surgical masks, it is also useful to anyone who wears corrective glasses.

Anyone who has to wear glasses know what happens when you leave the house or get out of your car when the temperature is cold – that’s right, your glasses tend to fog up. Now imagine it happening when you are faced with an emergency or if you are really in a hurry.

Although it was designed for those in the medical field, it is available on Amazon for the general public. Anyone who wears glasses or work with loupes and goggles is going to appreciate this anti fog Adhesive from Fogstops.

It is an adhesive, so that makes it easy to cut to the size you want and because it is an adhesive, it will last a lot longer than an anti fog spray.

Fogstops: Anti Fog Adhesive For Those Who Need It

Fogstops Anti Fog Adhesive Protection allows surgeons, dentists and doctors, to operate without disturbances from fog. This optical grade anti-fog protector is resistant to bleach, cavi-wipes, alcohol, UV, and discoloration. It is anti-bacterial and its application is as easy as peel and stick.

Looking at this, I can imagine how effective this can be for military personnel and law enforcement officers as well. In fact, if you need prescription glasses, you will appreciate this anti fog solution. This ought to be standard feature for eye wear or eye safety wear, safety goggles and eye protection.

For the rest of us, these are are useful to have for everyday use.

anti fog adhesive

User Review On Amazon

“I cut these stickers so that it would fit my smaller frame loupes. It’s almost like sticker material.. it makes clean cuts. I can actually see the fog surrounding the fogstops film as it works. Great product.

I’ve tried the jaws spit anti fog spray.. it doesn’t work long. I’ve tried Rain X and it lasts about a day. Clarity defog it lasts about 2 days. All of these solutions are great in that it covers the entire lens.. but the fogstops stickers does not need reapplication.

The downside to the fogstops is that you have to make sure you squeeze out all the bubbles when you apply it.. which is pretty easy to do with the cloth. Also, it doesn’t cover the entire lens.. just the part the eyes go through.. which seems sufficient for its purpose. If you can’t deal with just your eye portion covered I would suggest you go with clarity defog it anti fog.. it is the longest lasting of the solutions. But if you are looking to apply once and deal with the fact that it only covers a portion of your lens.. then go with fogstops.

I am giving this 4 stars because I wish it was a bigger sticker that covers the entire loupes area. Otherwise it is a fantastic product that does its anti fog job well.”

I was really surprised by how well these work! I never realized how much time I used to spend adjusting my mask in order to keep my loupes from fogging up until I got these Fogstops. I definitely recommend this product of you are tired of fogged up loupes while you work.”

Fogstops: Benefits Of Anti Fog Adhesive

For a product that is so useful and easy to apply, it is also very affordable. You can peel and stick onto goggles, surgical loupes, glasses, scuba diving, swimming goggles and other eye wear.

  • It does not discolor, anti bacterial, and self cleaning.

  • It is resistant to cavi wipes, alcohol, bleach, and heat.

  • It will not cause any distortion in your vision.

  • It does not leave residue if removed.

Visit their website for more information or buy Fogstops: Anti Fog Adhesive today.

Fogstops: Anti Fog Solution For You

Internet Business Ideas: Work From Home Opportunities

Monday, April 8, 2013

Work From Home Business Opportunities

work from home business opportunities

When you are considering work from home business opportunities, your opportunities are literally unlimited. The quickest way to get started is to sell a product or a service. Yes, business is still about making the sales. The only difference is in the speed you can get started and the way you run your business online. You might be working from home but at the end of the day, it is still a business that requires your attention.

The good news is, for those who are not natural sales people, you can still run a successful business without the need for cold calling or meeting prospects. That is the beauty of a website, it allows you to create a sales channel that works for you, 24/7.

As for those who are good at meeting people, you can still do so. Video calls, webinars or online conference, it enables you to see the prospects and build that connection. With social networks, you can connect to your market wherever they are in the world, across multiple time zones.

Work From Home: Finding Your Business Opportunities

First, you must decide what business you want to get into, this can be an extension of your old job or something totally new. You can use your previous work experience to launch your work from home business, if you have a skill set that other businesses need.

If you want to start your own business, the opportunities are plentiful. I am sure you have heard of people who turned their passion or hobby into a home business – I am one of them.

You can start with a direct sales company and sell products from an established brand. You make commissions through your sales and also by recruiting other people into your network. There are hundreds, if not thousands of direct sales companies that offer everything from health products to digital products.

You could start an online store that sells your own products or other people’s products. Unlike a traditional offline business, there is no inventory cost.

You can offer your services online as a freelance web designer, writer or virtual assistant. There are a great many marketplace on the internet where you can provide your services. You don’t need your own website, you don’t have any expenses and the marketplace will even promote your services for you.

Work From Home: Internet Business Ideas To Make Money

Decide first on what type of home business opportunity you would like to do and start from there. Come up with a blueprint on how you want your business to operate and focus on making that a reality. If you want to join an online marketing program, choose one that you have an affinity for. You can even cut down on your learning curve when you have a proven system to follow.

Visit this website for more Internet Business Ideas To Make Money and make your work from home business opportunity a success.

Internet Business Ideas: Work From Home Opportunities

Personalised Prints - The Way You Want It

Monday, April 1, 2013

Personalised prints, The Way You Want It

Personalised Prints and Posters as Gifts

Personalised prints, posters or art as a gift makes a big difference and it says a lot of your love for the intended recipient. When you make the effort to pick out personalised art, poster or print, the person getting the gift is going to appreciate it all the more.

There are many websites and online stores you can order personalised gifts, and if it is quality prints you want, is where you should look.

Personalised Prints and Posters – The Way You Want It

“Your poster will be printed on a fine art, museum grade heavyweight card using UltraChrome® K3 inks to ensure that your print will keep for many years to come.”


Personalised Prints and Posters can be fun, meaningful and it can be a gift for someone special or for yourself. You can use it as a motivation gift, a Thank You gift or for any special occasion.

Choosing Personalised Prints and Posters as Gifts

When you have seen the designs available, it will even give you more ideas on how these prints will make excellent gifts.

Print A Thank You Poster For Fathers Day

This design will make a wonderful present on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day. It is a beautiful poster that lets you say what is in your heart.

Make It Better – Personalise It!

The best part of personalised gift is that you can personalised the words on the poster. The overall design is maintained but the words can be changed to whatever you want to say. Write your own poem or choose the lyrics from your favorite song. Make it yours!

Personalised Thank You Poster

Motivation Poster Or Inspiration Poster

Print a motivation poster for yourself to serve as a roadmap for what you want to achieve in life. These posters are printed on museum grade heavyweight card, it is going to keep for years.

personalised poster

Order Personalised Prints and Posters From

When you order from, the price includes free delivery worldwide. All posters are available in A4, A3, A3+ and A2 sizes. The prints are supplied unframed and delivered in sturdy packaging to your doorstep.

Check out the Personalised Posters from today!

Personalised Prints - The Way You Want It