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Ways To Handle Relationship Difficulties

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4 Ways To Handle Relationship Difficulties
I am reading “4 Ways To Handle Relationship Difficulties” by Vertis Williams III, addiction recovery relationship and life coach. Book is available on Kindle.
Relationships are a necessary part of life. Human beings are social creatures, and I don’t believe we are meant to spent our life in isolation.
Regulating Resistance specializes in helping people in recovery develop healthy and functional relationships. Regulating Resistance also offers life coaching to help professionals find out what is truly important and how to go about attaining that goal/dream/desire. Relationship Matters Chapters of the book: 1. Building Boundaries 2. When to ditch a friend 3. Breaking even with difficult people 4. How to create relationships you want Take a sneak peak at the book Get at sneak peak at the first chapter, visit