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Vitamin Spray and Oral Spray From Marz Sprays

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vitamin Spray From Marz Sprays Delivers What Your Body Needs

It is said that millions have difficulty swallowing pills. Are you one of them? Oral sprays from Marz Sprays is the solution for those who just cannot take pills and are perfect for children. Vitamin spray delivers your daily dose of supplements in a easy to use spray bottle.

Marz Sprays has come up with a line of oral sprays that delivers a dose of vitamins in a liquid in a spray bottle. Easy to use and better absorption by your body. Imagine how convenient it is to get your kids to take their daily vitamins, Marz Sprays are formulated with the need to mix and ready to use without fuss.

Vitamins spray works efficiently and while convenience is a factor, there is a good reason why better absorption is desired. Taking vitamins in pill form has been known to create gastro-intestinal difficulties that can lead to nausea and irritable bowels. By administrating vitamins via a spray bypasses the intestinal track and the vitamin is absorbed directly into the blood stream without fuss.

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