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NO The Band Uses Online Marketing

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NO The Band Uses Online Marketing To Sell Their Music

NO is a brand new pop band from Los Angeles consisting of brothers Tim, Mike, Nick Jarzabek and Justin Corman. They turned down a record contract from Capital Records in 2011 and promote their own music through the internet. Using iTunes and Amazon, they seem to be doing pretty well.
  1. They have performed on Good Day LA.
  2. They will be opening for U2 later this year.
  3. NO is featured on the FOX show Mobbed with Howie Mandel.
  4. The band NO is currently on a FOX tour promoting their new album "Roll".

NO The Band And Their Albums

You can buy their album on iTunes and Amazon. Want to know what they sound like? I am reminded of the Beatles whenever I hear their songs. The same catchy tune and simple arrangement of their music. It is pop music - the Beatles style.
I don't know how they feel being compared to the Beatles but I am not the only one who think so. They music is good and I hope they continue to do well.

1st Album - Meet Me After Dark.
2ns Album - Roll

Find Out More About NO The Band

To find out more about NO the band:
Visit their website -
Their YouTube Channel -
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Their album, Meet Me After Dark on iTunes –