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The Evenarian, A Fantasy Novel By Julia Dickinson

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Evenarian Fantasy Novel

The Evenarian is a new fantasy novel in the process of being written by Julia Dickinson. The Evenarian is a blend of epic tales with magical elements like Game of Thrones, and of twisted stories that make you question the true intent of history/destiny, such as 12 Monkeys.

In a world of kingdoms and empires, mages and sorcerers, there was a prophecy. It was said that a man would bring about a golden age. This messianic figure would be known in history as the Evenarian. But he must be stopped. A strange wanderer valiantly tries to prevent the dystopia that awaits in this “golden age” in which magic is removed from the world. Our hero embarks on an epic journey. His young friend, a student of magic, testifies this tale – perhaps the greatest story their history has ever (or never) known.

The Evenarian Fantasy Novel – Help Fund The Novel

Writing the novel is just a part of the process in publishing the book, you need an editor to improve the storyline and structure of the book, in addition to line editing. With Julia’s experience in publishing, she knew the difference between success and failure rests on more than just a good story. There are graphics, trade shows and online marketing, and all the necessary work needed to publish and promote a novel.

With that in mind, she has launched a kickstarter campaign at, a crowd funding website. Her initial goal of $5,000 of working with an experienced editor has been made, thanks to the enormous support from friends and strangers. The new stretch goal of $7,000 will go towards promotions, posters and accessories to generate buzz and interest in the novel.

To support The Evenarian, A Fantasy Novel By Julia Dickinson:
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