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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Most Revealing Money Making Report by Kidino, "Making Money With Name-Squeeze, Adwords and Affiliate Programs".

This highly informative report is actually a case study on how Kidino promoted "Desperate Buyers Only" by Alexis Davis. You seldom see case studies in internet marketing, even if you were to buy a internet marketing guru's books. So I am pleased that Kidino revealed so much. I have spent most of my career in management, and case studies is just about the best way to study any topics.

This is a free report at

Here are his tips on the things you should consider before promoting any product:
1) Who is the product for? Who is the target market?
2) How to find a different angle? How to find yours?
3) Building your Landing Page.
4) Presenting the offer.
5) The auto-responder message.
6) Getting traffic and creating ads.
7) How you can improve your stats.

Not only does he show you the auto-responder e-mails that he used, he included his adwords campaign. He takes you through the entire process from the start of the program, and let's you understand the rationale in the process.