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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I've been busy with my website. It's my first, so you can imagine how long it takes to get it set up. Where I'm at, it's hard to find expert help. I have many friends who are in the IT industry, dealing in hardware and software. The funny thing is, none of them are involved in internet marketing. I find that so amazing! Sure, their company has a website, but they out-source it. With the number of IT graduates, the number of people involved in internet marketing is just a drop in the ocean.

I've been looking at this blog, and I'm sorry to say that it looks horrible. Even my postings don't make sense. So I'll have to be more focused henceforth. Frankly, I would just like to start over.

For starters, I've seen some really killer themes in blogger. I wonder how they do it. I see the same thing in wordpress. I think you have to know how to do CSS, which frankly is beyond me... at the moment.

Working at home is great! But you do need to keep at eye on the time. I can spend hours on the internet, the next thing you know the sun's gone done. I just have to get out more, make more appointments, have lunch with friends. The downside is I have to spend my time explaining what it is that I do. Everyone thinks that having a website is it. Wished it was that simple.