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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have just had another article published in, so I'm rather pleased about it. Article writing is kind of fun for me, this one is "3 Tips To Write An Original Article". I'm a slow writer but since I've only started in July, I'm cutting myself some slack. What with trying to put my website together, and learning about the various aspects of internet marketing.

Now I need to work on traffic building through search engines and directories. But at the rate this is going, I might just do a blitz with PPC. That will have to wait until I install my auto-responder.

I still haven't gotten my auto-responder yet, installing it will probably be trial and error time again. It's pretty amazing how I'm just doing everything this way. The guys I signed up my web hosting already had to come and save the day once already. Since this is only the 2nd month I've ever tried to build a site or even touched a cpanel, that's not too bad.

Right, this month's objective is to build traffic.