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Fogstops: Anti Fog Solution For You

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fogstops: Anti Fog Adhesive Protection That Works

Fogstops Anti Fog Adhesive Protection
Fogstops Anti Fog Adhesive is a great piece of kit for your optical wear. Although it designed and made exclusively for surgeons, dentists, doctors, and individuals that suffer from fogging while wearing surgical masks, it is also useful to anyone who wears corrective glasses.

Anyone who has to wear glasses know what happens when you leave the house or get out of your car when the temperature is cold – that’s right, your glasses tend to fog up. Now imagine it happening when you are faced with an emergency or if you are really in a hurry.

Although it was designed for those in the medical field, it is available on Amazon for the general public. Anyone who wears glasses or work with loupes and goggles is going to appreciate this anti fog Adhesive from Fogstops.

It is an adhesive, so that makes it easy to cut to the size you want and because it is an adhesive, it will last a lot longer than an anti fog spray.

Fogstops: Anti Fog Adhesive For Those Who Need It

Fogstops Anti Fog Adhesive Protection allows surgeons, dentists and doctors, to operate without disturbances from fog. This optical grade anti-fog protector is resistant to bleach, cavi-wipes, alcohol, UV, and discoloration. It is anti-bacterial and its application is as easy as peel and stick.

Looking at this, I can imagine how effective this can be for military personnel and law enforcement officers as well. In fact, if you need prescription glasses, you will appreciate this anti fog solution. This ought to be standard feature for eye wear or eye safety wear, safety goggles and eye protection.

For the rest of us, these are are useful to have for everyday use.

anti fog adhesive

User Review On Amazon

“I cut these stickers so that it would fit my smaller frame loupes. It’s almost like sticker material.. it makes clean cuts. I can actually see the fog surrounding the fogstops film as it works. Great product.

I’ve tried the jaws spit anti fog spray.. it doesn’t work long. I’ve tried Rain X and it lasts about a day. Clarity defog it lasts about 2 days. All of these solutions are great in that it covers the entire lens.. but the fogstops stickers does not need reapplication.

The downside to the fogstops is that you have to make sure you squeeze out all the bubbles when you apply it.. which is pretty easy to do with the cloth. Also, it doesn’t cover the entire lens.. just the part the eyes go through.. which seems sufficient for its purpose. If you can’t deal with just your eye portion covered I would suggest you go with clarity defog it anti fog.. it is the longest lasting of the solutions. But if you are looking to apply once and deal with the fact that it only covers a portion of your lens.. then go with fogstops.

I am giving this 4 stars because I wish it was a bigger sticker that covers the entire loupes area. Otherwise it is a fantastic product that does its anti fog job well.”

I was really surprised by how well these work! I never realized how much time I used to spend adjusting my mask in order to keep my loupes from fogging up until I got these Fogstops. I definitely recommend this product of you are tired of fogged up loupes while you work.”

Fogstops: Benefits Of Anti Fog Adhesive

For a product that is so useful and easy to apply, it is also very affordable. You can peel and stick onto goggles, surgical loupes, glasses, scuba diving, swimming goggles and other eye wear.

  • It does not discolor, anti bacterial, and self cleaning.

  • It is resistant to cavi wipes, alcohol, bleach, and heat.

  • It will not cause any distortion in your vision.

  • It does not leave residue if removed.

Visit their website for more information or buy Fogstops: Anti Fog Adhesive today.

Fogstops: Anti Fog Solution For You