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Cooltan: Get The Perfect Tan With No Tan Lines

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cooltan: All Over Tan Swimwear And Apparel

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear and Apparel

Whether you are out working in the sun or spending a day on a beautiful sunny beach enjoying the day, the inevitable always happens – Tan lines. Imagine if your arms are tan while your upper arm and shoulder is pale, and you have to wear a sleeveless dress to your sister’s wedding in the next couple of days!

I would have thought that it was possible to get an all over tan without sunbathing in the nude. This is what Cooltan has come up with, swimwear and beach apparel that gives you an all over tan with no tan lines!

They call it Cooltan Tan-Through shirts and swimwear. Sport shirts, swimwear and bikinis, surfing shorts that lets you tan evenly.

Cooltan: No Tan Lines While You Are Out In The Sun

Cooltan - everyday wear for travel and vacationThe only way to really get a perfect tan is bronzing which oddly looks too perfect to me. I suppose it looks fine if you are always at a red carpet event and you are in the entertainment world. For the rest of us, we expect to see some imperfections here and there.

Some of us might not care too much about how we look but even you got to admit that it would be nice if you don’t have too different skin tones.

With Cooltan swimwear and apparel, you can even out your tan without having to spray on or rub on anything. It is a simple solution and it works because it is the swimwear or apparel itself that does the job for you.

Cooltan apparel - no tan linesBeach shorts and Surfing shorts

Play all day in the sun or in the water, on vacation or just your everyday wear, you get a natural suntan right through the fabric.

Swimwear and Bikinis

Whether you are wearing a 2 piece bikini or a 1 piece swimsuit, you get the same results – an even tan on your body. It is swimwear that works like an SPF 6 sunscreen, and you will likely tan as fast as if you were using a SPF 6 sunscreen lotion.

Polo Shirts and T-shirts

Available for both men and women, for that casual relaxed look as well as Polo shirts you can wear to work. You can find the perfect tan-through shirt for you to wear to anywhere. It is comfortable and cool while it prevents tan lines on your body.

Cooltan: How You Can Get Rid Of Tan Lines

It is the unique patented lightweight fabric they use to make your apparel with, called Mircosol. It lets sunlight through your shirt or swimwear, while also working to prevent too much sun on your body. It allows air and sweat to flow through the fabric keeping you, cool and comfortable even on sunny days.

What their customers say

“I work outside and I like to get a tan but I dont like to take my shirt off because I deal with customers. I tell the guys actually you stay cooler with the shirt on than with the shirt off — it’s like a fan — instead of that hot sun beating on your skin all the time. The girls at the bank they dont belive it and I pull up my sleeve and show them no tan lines.”

- Bill S. Sylvania OH

With Cooltan swimwear and apparel, you can stay out in the sun, on vacation or the beach, get a natural looking tan with no tan lines.

Cooltan: Get The Perfect Tan With No Tan Lines