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Monday, September 29, 2008

I have been researching and writing about free traffic and traffic exchanges for the last 2 weeks. Just looking for free ways to generate traffic, and traffic exchanges seemed to be popular.

The traffic you get will be largely untargeted, but as a source of additional traffic should you consider it? You should go to Internet Marketer's Club and download the reports on Traffic Exchanges, then you can make your own decision.

Surprisingly, traffic exchanges is MLM in that you only explode your income when you grow your downlines. Like all MLM, the marketing system they use is very effective. In some ways, MLM is a little like affiliate marketing. By which I mean you build a list, and you refer a product or service to your subscribers. Potentially, traffic exchanges allows you to get a lot of exposure for your website. In truth, I did not think that it is very effective. Most members will be surfing for credits, and will not pay very much attention to your webpage. Even if you use a splash page, repsonse will be minimal. I have a text ad which was shown 2000 plus impressions, and I got one click out of that. For banners, zero clicks so far from 2000 plus impressions.

I wonder if being in a traffic exchange will improve you Search Engine Results, or help you rank in Alexa.

Still, they are very many people who are keen to join MLM. Just remember that traffic exchanges isn't free, you still have to invest your time and effort. At least an hour every day in order to earn enough credits to get your webiste shown.

If you are interested in traffic exchanges, these are the better ones:

> Dragon Surf
> I Love Hits
> Advertising Know How
> Traffic Splash
> Start Xchange

The reason I list these 5 exchanges is because you can surf all 5 exchanges at the same time and get additional credits. They have additional promotions and contests for extra credits almost on a daily basis.

Here are some resources that helps you figure what traffic exchanges are and how they work. Like I said, it's also MLM and to grow your business, it has to be more than free traffic.

> Affiliate Funnel
> IM Success Formula
> Home Income Team

As a starting point, this site is very helpful, lots of resources, tutorials and articles.

I also have some free ebooks for you at Internet Marketer's Club.