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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love retailing, it's my passion, it's what I'm good at. When you manage a retail store, you are responsible for millions of dollars in turnover every financial year. It's being in the hot-seat, and every little thing that goes wrong ends up on your plate. It's having an answer for every little hiccup that happens on your watch. It's your people going to you whenever they face something that can't be resolved. It's suppliers wanting your attention for your purchases, and promotions.

Yet, I find it so rewarding. No because you're the man, but because there is some much you can do for so many people. When you focus on people, you can help them save money, provide their daily necessities, create some excitement for them, even entertain them. You also provide a career for your people, and when you give them a mission, it brings meaning to their life. They are working to create something that is bigger than themselves.

Retailing is about people. Yes, it's very competitive, and you fight for every dollar sales you get. It's being a hard-nosed businessman. But it's also about the soft touch. A friendly word, a little encouragement, these go a long way.