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Biggest Firesale In Internet Marketing

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back in 2007, Vince Tan came out of nowhere and made $69,000 in 7 days with his Biggest Firesale. And his incredible feat inspired many marketers. On 18th November this year, Vince is going to do something that will surpass that Firesale.

Vince Tan has convinced 100 of the top marketers online to join him in the Biggest Firesale in internet marketing by putting their paid products, products which they are still selling, into this enormous firesale package. Top marketers like Anik Singal, Alex Goad, Ewen Chia, Gobala Krishnan, Bob Bastian, Eric Holmlund, Michael Rasmussen, Willie Crawford and many others.

Vince Tan's Biggest Firesale will go live on 18th November, but you stand a chance to win the complete firesale package plus some other extra stuff worth $1,500 by going to the site below and guessing the total value of the Biggest Firesale package! And also a $47 instant gift waiting for you there if you join now.

Ten winners will walk away with this package worth thousands of dollars. All they have to do is to complete 3 simple steps by guessing the value of this Biggest Firesale package.Give this a shot.