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PDQ Machines By Seymour Direct

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seymour Direct: PDQ Machines For Credit Cards

Seymour Direct, a leading PDQ machine service provider in the UK offers affordable low credit card processing rates for merchants who want to accept credit cards and debit cards payment.

PDQ machines or PDQ terminals are used to process a customers transaction when they pay with a credit card. The credit is inserted or swiped on a PDQ machine, the transaction data is transferred to the credit card center or bank, the transaction is recorded and approved.

In case you are wondering, PDQ stands for Process Data Quickly. Modern PDQ machines are compact and fits into any checkout counter easily. Some models are wireless and handheld allowing the merchant to complete the transaction where the customer is.

Seymour Direct: Low Rates and Benefits

By accepting credit card payments with a PDQ machine, merchants make it more convenient for customers to pay for their purchases. By offering credit card payments, the business operator can create new sales opportunities and encourage more customers to patronize your business.

For the business operator, PDQ machines provided by Seymour Direct offers low merchant fees and the right machine for your business. PDQ machines hire are available, providing you with the latest Ingenico PDQ models.

Most of their clients have stated that their services help achieve massive savings on credit card processing charges. Their staff are also pleasant to deal, provides great customer service and technical support.

Seymour Direct: PDQ Machines Hire

To start accepting credit card payments for goods and services require the business operator to have a merchant account provided by a bank.

Most credit card machines have a small footprint, they can be installed at a checkout counter needing only a power supply and a landline. Seymour Direct PDQ machines hire are complaint with UK banks, reliable and easy to use.

Depending on your business operations, the credit card machine comes in 3 types – countertop, mobile and portable. The countertop model needs to be connected to a power supply and a telephone to operate. Whereas the mobile model uses a SIM card and operates using a cellphone GPRS network – Vodafone, Orange for instance. The portable model comes with a charging cradle and lets you operate the terminal anywhere on your premise.

Visit Seymour Direct’s website for more information on PDQ Machine Hire at

PDQ Machines By Seymour Direct