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Knightwood Private Risk Management Provides Bespoke Insurance

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bespoke insurance Knightwood

Bespoke Insurance: What Is Bespoke Insurance

Bespoke Insurance is the term used for custom made insurance service or insurance for a specific purpose in the United Kingdom. Bespoke special risk insurance can be tailored to individuals of high net worth or for your personal or business needs.

Insurance for professional indemnity to personal property or asset protection can be provided at the right premium for you. Professional insurance companies recognizes that each person may have their own individual requirement, and provides the right protection for you.

Knightwood Private Risk Management Limited

Knightwood Private Risk Management Limited offers carefully arranged insurance for you:

  • Business

  • Travel

  • Home

  • Jewellery

  • Equestrian

  • Motor

  • Art and Antiques

  • Marine

Bespoke Insurance: Knightwood Private Risk Management Limited

Bespoke Insurance gives you peace of mind for your house and the high value contents in your home, such as fine arts and antiques. Coverage for your holiday homes, yacht and motor motorboats including personal insurance.

“Knightwood is an independent niche broker providing bespoke special risk insurance solutions for other high net worth individuals. Our discreet and confidential service caters for all of your personal, family and business requirements.”

Home Insurance

As the English says,”an Englishman’s home is his castle”. In addition to the typical home insurance policies, Knightwood Private Risk Management Limited provides even more extensive assurance. From coverage to non-standard construction and accepts those who work in a high risk profession. This insurance may also cover your holiday home in the UK or abroad.

Travel Insurance

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, on a single trip or on an annual basis. When traveling, you can be covered for medical emergencies, money and travellers check, kidnap and ransom. For those who sail on their own yacht, see their marine insurance.

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance safeguards your marine vessels, anything from yachts, motorboats and sailing dinghies to family windsurfing equipment. Benefits include Fire, Theft and Accidental Damage, Transit cover, Trailers and Equipment, and Third Party Liability.

Bespoke Insurance: Equestrian Insurance

Equestrian Insurance for your horse and you provided by a specialist equestrian underwriter. Available whether you own a family pony or a multi-million pound horse racing stable or horse farm. Coverage is provided for:

  • Mortality by accident, illness and disease

  • Theft, straying and transit cover

  • Veterinary fees and surgery costs

  • Damage to stables and equestrian enclosures

  • Loss or damage to trailers, saddlery and tack

  • Equine related personal accident and public liability

For more information on Bespoke insurance and Equestrian insurance, visit Knightwood Private Risk Management Ltd at

Knightwood Private Risk Management Provides Bespoke Insurance