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Speedlings Not For Me

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have only just heard about, mainly because of someone I met on Facebook. Upon reading up on what Speedlings is about, all I can do is shake my head. For the record, I have not experienced or joined the program, I have no hands-on experience with it. I am not disparaging it, for all I know people may actually have success with it.

The reason why Speedlings bothers me is the entry cost into this program. At a minimum it is at least USD6,000, and you have to spend a few hundred bucks more for new domains every month. I read from various websites, including Warrior Forum that it takes up to USD12,000 a year to run the program if you follow their recommendations. From what I can gather, you need to build at least 30 websites per month, every month. The idea is to have thousands of affiliate websites on the internet owned by you. the goal is to earn USD1 per day per website, while at the same time, no guarantee of income is given.

To be fair, they do have a performance guarantee which I won't go into here. You can read about it at the Warrior Forum for Speedlings Review.

No, what boggles my mind is why go through the effort of building 1,000 websites to make USD1.00 per day? So what if it only takes 5 minutes and the process is automated. For that kind of money, you can buy a few established websites from Flippa and work to make them authority sites. You can also build a few quality websites for that kind of money. It is not about volume, it's about quality. Managing a few quality websites makes more sense than owning 1,000 websites (which by the way you don't really own, it's the way Speedlings is set up I guess). With the program, you can't even flip your website if you choose to.

The program sells itself as a business, but the thing is you don't own anything even after you have spent USD10,000 or USD20,000. What's the advantage in that? My opinion is: Buyers Beware.


adam ginsberg said...


In response, I'd like to clarify some of the commentary you've made.
First, thanks for being upfront that you don’t own and haven’t personally used the software
Second, I want to clarify some of your points. My hope is that you'll keep shaking your head - but this time up and down (saying yes) instead of side to side :)

- The software is in fact $6k - this is accurate. However, it's not about what something costs that matters - it's what the return on your investment you receive that matters the most. Millions of dollars (literally) have gone into the development of this software and to be able to get access to it for only $6k is actually a bargain.

- Any online business you will have expenses, including the cost of domains and hosting. Hundreds of domains (as many successful internet marketers have) need a dedicated hosting solution which is thousands of dollars a year. Domains whether public or private, are required for any online business.

Domains and hosting are not unique to our users. In fact, the pricing for these services is far less than it would be if someone tried to get it on their own. A domain site credit (including the domain, privacy AND the hosting) is as low as $15/year. As you know, in your journey to online internet marketing, that's a great price for the combination of those services.

There is no minimum or maximum number of domains someone is required to purchase with this program. We provide an extended performance guarantee, and there are requirements to meet this guarantee - but it's not mandatory - it's an option open to everyone that participates. It's hard to imagine that offering an extended performance guarantee could be considered a negative, in any capacity.

FYI – the concept isn’t to have thousands of websites earning $1 a day. The idea is to take the manual process of creating websites, adding affiliate products and updating the sites - and automate the process. That's why it's called "Speedlings".

Some sites make .05/cents day and some sites make $20 day. There are many factors that go into finding a profitable niche – the software does that too.

October 8, 2010 at 7:37 AM
adam ginsberg said...


- No guarantee is ever given - nor implied - when it comes to income. In fact, guarantees can ever be given in any money making opportunity as every person who chooses to pursue that opportunity will approach it differently and therefore achieve different results. HOWEVER, the extended 12 month performance guarantee provides a no-risk scenario.
As a side note, we have many many users making great money with this software!

There are many approaches to making money online. One is to have a few quality websites and another is to have thousands of websites. There's nothing to say which one is better - other than it's up to an individual as to how they want to approach their online business.

- We have Speedlings users sell (flip) their sites all the time - so that comment isn't accurate. It's not against Speedlings policy to sell sites and is in fact it's encouraged. We even have automated tools in place to make the process seamless.

5) Members can take ownership of their sites at any time with no issue, so the statement "they don't own anything" isn't accurate either.
There are shady opportunities out there, so I agree with you the "buyer should beware" - but this isn't one of those cases.

Finally, this software provides massive benefits to the people who follow the plan as outlined. I prefer to leave reviews up to the folks using it, profiting from it & loving it and not from a someone that has only "heard about it" without actually using it.

Hopefully this clarifies some of your misconceptions about Speedlings.

Adam Ginsberg

PS: If you have any specific questions or want to learn more about Speedlings, open a support ticket at and put it to my attention. I'm happy to get back to you and help you go from skeptic to believer!

October 8, 2010 at 7:38 AM
Anonymous said...

I too, am a victim. Speedlings is a scam !Adam Ginsberg is an intelligent con artist who preys on people's emotion and have no problem taking your hard earned money for his benefits. What he says and what he does is a total contradiction!

As much as I can summarize to let the word out:

Its been a year since I ran into this misfortune. I was out of job unemployed and desperate to make money to make ends meet. I did everything that I was told to do in the Speedlings program. After charging what I didn't have on my credit card, I Spent countless hours trying to keep up with all the changes and demands of this "point and click and forget" system. The deeper I feel into this trap, the more it continued to spiral out of control. There was always something you had to fix, more thing you had to do, one more year you had to wait and thousands more you had to spend in order to earn pennies.

The amount I have charged to my credit card is more than $14,000 to date. The money that I might have made back, maybe totals $150 (mainly through google adsense). Although from what I understand it takes up to 3 months for them to verify before you even get close to that money…so i can honestly, say I have net profit of $0 for the past year using this system.

We had to pay for to attend a convention in January in which we supposedly would learn the new system--Speedlings 2.0. Again I was foolish enough to charge $600 plus pay for airfare room and board to attend…and you guest it…the same group of Gurus there to sell their products. The same tactics building on peoples emotions to lure more people into yet another program called Mastery…with different levels ranging from $10,000-$40,000.

It just didn't add up. He had people stand up that made some where in the $1000
range in December. Of the 300 some attendees there, a handful stood up (of course all had recently paid to be in the mastery program-$6000). Then you find out about how many sites they've built it numbering in the thousand…so lets roughly add this up…

$6000 unlimited yearly package, $1,200 renewal each year
$10,000 domain name credits, $10,000 to renew after a year
$6000 mastery
TOTAL YEARLY COST~$22,000 for a profit of $2000 in year 2010.
Don't forget we have renewal fees due, yup another $12000+ to maintain.

Last reported on Speedlings main website, users have created 759,982 sites? or spam? There are 9724 sites for sale as of today and this number is rising yet no one is buying these lovely sites? Speedings 2.0 is that great but you have to spend another $????? to attend the training class to flip websites, buy article credits, renew sites, buy more domain credits…how much time and effort would it take just to come out even?

I can't believe I tortured myself waking up every wednesday morning for the past year listening to Ginsberg whiny voice ripping on people for complaining about Speedlings at the start of the webinar. He always has a cleaver excuse, says he will do this and then will do that …just keep on paying more for more pain...

I know there are hundreds of victims out there around the world. A lot have invested much into this and its scary to loose so much money. I just hope we can get together as a group to educate others about this evil man.

Never put your all your faith on anyone that claims he will make you money…. Adam Ginsberg is a profession con man and Speedlings is a scam!

August 26, 2011 at 1:19 PM
Anonymous said...

Juice said...
I purchased Speedlings on Sat June 5th 2010 at the Investfest conference in Las Vegas.
Since then, I have spent over $11,000 on Speedlings and domain credits and have built 380 websites.
The Speedlings website claims that I have made $65.10 for the year, but, I haven't seen a dime from my investment of over an 1 hr every day and over $11,000!
Now Speedlings won't even honor the double money back guarantee. I have e-mailed them over 20 times and tried to call them. I am very frustrated, to say the least.
I invested over a year of my life and over $11,000 and haven’t made seen a dime in return. Ask yourself "Is this a good investment?"

August 26, 2011 at 1:21 PM
Anonymous said...

R R said...
Speedlings victims now have some hope. The Los Angeles District Attorney Consumer Affairs Department has taken an interest in Adam Ginsberg and the deceptive business practices of Speedlings. Victims should contact Investigator Joe Johnson at 213-974-9955 or and tell him their story. Investigator Johnson is gathering information to present to the CA Attorney General in order to encourage an investigation into Ginsberg's deception. The more victims come forward, the greater the likelihood that an investigation will be opened. Then the truth will come out. Victims are also being assisted by an attorney by the name of Dania Alvarenga. She can be reached at She is fully aware of the con game being played here and is a warrior for victims of injustice. Do not just roll over and let Ginsberg get away with bilking you out of your hard earned money. You better believe he is laughing all the way to the bank. Stay strong and justice will prevail. Ginsberg obviously doesn't understand karma or he wouldn't be participating in shenanigans such as these. He'll find out soon enough.

August 26, 2011 at 1:22 PM
Anonymous said...

Rob said...

Marc and Donna B - Melbourne, Fl. Lets just take you're word for it and look at the figures. 1200 domains per year at a minimum of $15 per domain=$18000 You say you are getting $3000 per month - total $36000 per year less $18000 for domains= $18000 from speedlings. A huge $400 per week. You might get more flipping burgers. Don't leave your day job Marc.

August 26, 2011 at 1:25 PM
Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree that Speedlings is nothing more than a big scam. In the presentation that Adam Ginsberg provided in front of a Trump real estate investment class I attended (and subsequently signed up for Speedlings through) Ginsberg asked a supposedly random person to pick a supposedly random topic (vinyl records) which he easily created a site based upon and within minutes the site starting making money. Ginsberg also misled everyone who signed up for Speedlings that we would likely make money from Speedlings through ebay but Ginsberg failed to mention that it is virtually impossible to get a ebay affiliate account in order to make any money from Speedlings through ebay. Ginsberg has the nerve to charge an annual $2, 000 renewal fee after charging the initial $6, 000 knowing that the vast majority of people are not making any money through Speedlings. Ginsberg is nothing more than a con artist and should be ashamed of himself for marketing his Speedlings fraud; unfortunately he covers himself well legally otherwise I would love to form a class action suit to get my and all of his other hundreds (if not thousands) of victims' hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lost dollars back. -Gary Smith, P.E.

August 26, 2011 at 1:28 PM