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What Is Auto Mass Traffic

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Auto Mass Traffic has generated quite a lot of interest when it launched. On the salespage, it says you are buying a software for USD37 that will generate traffic to your website in 3 simple steps. As sales letter goes, this one is really nice, and a lot of people have said they are ready to buy but would like more information first.

That is the problem with salespages, it is 30 pages of fluff that does not tell you what exactly you are buying, how it works and what business model it is based on. In this case, what the traffic generating method it is based on.

Just from reading the salespage, many people (myself included) reckoned that this was a free traffic method. It isn't. It also does not say Free Traffic on the salespage.

Let me also state that I did not buy this product, and I am not an affiliate of this product. I do not have first hand knowledge of Auto Mass Traffic, and I have no intention of purchasing this software.

Here are the reasons why:
1) It does not deal with Free Traffic. It deals (from what information I can gather) with paid traffic, just not PPC traffic from the search engines.

2) You can buy the software for USD27, BUT you will need to pay another USD67 for additional tools, AND pay some more money to follow the program as directed.

3) The software isn't automated.

My Sources Of Information

I am not saying Auto Mass Traffic is a scam, from what I can see it isn't. I managed to look at some files from source no. 2, and it does provide you with good, detailed information on how to use the Auto Mass Traffic system. It is also an education in CPV, one of the methods they use. So if this is what you want to do, then this is for you. Just be aware of what you are buying, and find out the traffic generation methods first. This system only works if you have to money to pay for traffic.