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What Do You Mean Free Gifts

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anybody who has been doing internet marketing knows about Giveaway Events. There are many Giveaways on the internet, for many niches and many big names internet marketer will have their products featured. The purpose of participating in a giveaway event is to build your list, which in itself is one of the main goals in internet marketing.

By its nature giveaways are supposed to be free, after all it is supposed to be an event where you get free gifts. The only trouble with that is, in internet marketing circles free doesn't mean free. Marketing is an exchange, an exchange of a product or service for money usually. Or in this case your email address. So in order for an exchange to take place, both parties must have something they both want.

Now you might think this is a win-win situation. It doesn't quite work out that way. What would you do if you see an product or report you are interested in? You enter your email, download the product and read it. Then you might decide that the report is nothing new, so you unsubscribe from the marketer's list. So the internet marketer has to repeat the cycle again. Of course, the process is automated so it isn't much hassle for the marketer. The problem is they are training people to unsubscribe. No one has time to scan through all the emails from marketers, not when the emails asks you to buy more products or contain old and rehashed information.

I would prefer to see marketers offer free gifts without the need to opt-in. Put links in your reports, they can lead to your opt-in page or your website. But let us review your report first, if the way your market is the right fit for us, you can be assured that we will opt-in. In order for the marketer to make money, well...what's in it for me?