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SlingShot Virtual PBX For Small Businesses

Friday, January 11, 2013

SlingShot Virtual PBX For Small Business Owners - Get Beta Access

The best time to get in on an internet service is when they are in Beta. So they are still testing, but often it is a working service. Besides, getting in during Beta tends to offer the best deals and is the perfect time to test a service.

Slingshot is a communications platform built on the cloud that provides a full featured virtual telephone system which includes automated attendants, employee extensions and voicemail and VoIP capability.

It is a virtual telephone solution for entrepreneurs, consultants, real estate agents, personal trainers, therapists, or any businesses of up to 50 employees. It is also called a virtual PBX for small businesses. What you get is a corporate-class business phone system without the expense of buying and maintaining your own telephone switch – with Virtual PBX, you can use your existing telephones.

Within a few clicks and a couple of minutes, you can have a fully automated professional VoIP telephone system. All you need to get started is your cell phone and 5 minutes to setup and start receiving calls.

SlingShot VoIP Hosted Telephone Systems - Create Your Account

Go to their home page and enter your email address. They will reply to your email with a promo code. Then you go to their signup page, enter your business details and the promo code to start your trial.

Interested in SlingShot virtual pbx for small businesses? Visit today.