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Taking A Trip To Jerusalem

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Trip To Jerusalem Is A Custom Made Tour
Taking A trip to Jerusalem is like taking a step back in time. The antiquity and history of Jerusalem reaches far back in time, and yet for the most part it is living history. The part of the world can be said to be the cradle of religions of the world – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

It is a list of places featured in history and thousands of years later, the same trodden paths are still being used. With names like the Old City, the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount – names that you would hear in an Indiana Jones movie.

Trip To Jerusalem With Bein Harim Tours

Going on a trip to Jerusalem is as much a journey for Christians as well as those who are passionate about antiquity. When you get right down to it, Christians and Muslims share many holy places.

For those able to go, Bein Harim Tours organizes custom made tours to Jerusalem. They are a leading Israeli government licensed travel service, specializing in conducting of custom-made guided tours.