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Go Click Cash Revealed

Thursday, May 19, 2011

With the recent launch of Go Click Cash by Adeel Chowdhry and James Denzel, I got to view the members area and see what Go Click Cash was all about. Go Click Cash revealed is found in this post at

Having seen the entire software and what it does, I must admit to be somewhat surprised. For those who have not seen the program, it is a web based software that you build wordpress niche websites with. This by itself already raises eyebrows, due to the fact that thousands of people are already building niche websites with wordpress. Why do you need a software to do it with? Wordpress is already as easy to use as it can get.

This is What Go Click Cash Is
1) It is a software that builds wordpress niche websites.
2) The niches are tailored to Clickbank categories.

In order to make the software work, this is what you need.
1) Your own domain name.
2) You need use FTP.
3) You need to go to your cpanel to create databases.
4) You need to go to wordpress admin to maintain your websites.

While the training videos do show you how to do all this, the question is why do you need to spend money on a piece of software when you still need to do all this? Anyone who uses wordpress will already know that this is what you need to do to create niche websites. What is the software for?

What Go Click Cash Costs?
The software itself costs $47. This software is installed on a directory in your domain.

The first upsell is the Go Click Traffic which is a wordpress plug-in. The initial price is $197, if you are dumb enough to buy it on the first offer. Close the page and they offer you at 50% which makes it $97. Now how the hell do you get from $197 to $97 at 50% discount?

The second upgrade is the Go Click Content which is a large set of review articles and videos, as well as a large set of niche articles. This costs $97 per month. Again, if you click away, they offer you a lite version which is $47 per month. Click away again and they offer it to you at $1 for the first month, and then hit you for $97 thereafter.

So in total, to get the most out of the system, you need to spend $241. Not a astronomic sum if the program works. You get the software, traffic plug-in and content every month.

Should You Buy Go Click Cash?
Here is the thing, I still don't see the need for such a software. It isn't a simple 1 click or 3 click software you use to create websites. You still have to use ftp to upload everything you need, and you still need to access cpanel and wp-admin. If you are going to do that what is the software good for? All it does is helps you set up the website initially. Helps you put your affiliate products into the website - clickbank, amazon, adsense and whatever else you use.

Does the website look good? Well, it looks ok. There are $17 niche websites that look a great deal better and comes ready with articles already loaded into the website.

My opinion: Not recommended for newbies. If you are an intermediate or advance marketer, you will not even bother with this.